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Here we go with the last post from my Italian vacation of last August. The day before I left we decided to make Grandma Rosa signature pasta, it’s called Cicatelli and is made only with organic flour, lukewarm water and a pinch of salt. So simple and so delicious!

She has been making this kind of pasta since she was a young girl, watching her making it is fascinating, she makes it look like is the easiest thing in the world and she is super fast. I think that she made pasta for 8 people in the same time that the water in the pot took to start boiling. When I make it is about an hour of work and the day after my harms are really sore.

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Homemade Cicatelli it’s a tradition of my dad hometown, a tiny little village situated on the top of a hill in the south of Italy, the name of it is San Bartolomeo in Galdo and I hope I’ll get to visit one day not too far on the line.

The pasta was delicious; I like it so much that I enjoy eating it with a big wooden spoon ;-)! I know it’s a little weird, a few years back my friend Paulo came to visit from New York and he looked at me very strangely because I was using my wood spoon and he asked me why; I simply answered: “why not!”

My Grandma doesn’t really have recipes of what she cook, she just do everything by heart and she tell me use a little bit of this and a little bit of that, so I tried my best to figure out the exact ingredients listed below.

Handmade-cicatelli-1 Food in Pixels

Handmade-cicatelli-2 Food in Pixels


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Homemade Cicatelli Pasta
Cuisine: Italian
  • for 4 people:
  • 1 ½ cup flour
  • ¾ cup lukewarm water
  • 1 tsp salt
  1. shape the flour in a circle with a hole in the middle
  2. dissolve the salt it the lukewarm water
  3. pure the water in the flour hole little by little and start to mix everything together
  4. knead the dough until the mix is homogeneous
  5. Stretch the dough really thin using a rolling pin
  6. cut the dough in vertical strips
  7. slice the strips in a ¼ inch pieces of pasta
  8. with 3 fingers press on each piece of pasta and create littles creeks
  9. cook in boiling water for no longer than 3 minutes



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  1. My in laws are from the exact same town and my children ADORE their Nonna’s Cicatelli! Thanks for sharing!
    Sabrina from Ontario, Canada

    1. Hi Sabrina, thank you for visiting our blog!
      This is amazing!!! I also think that we maybe related, my grandmother’s last name is Circelli 🙂

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