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Hi! I’m Linda and this is the beginning of a new adventure that I share with my husband Roberto. We met in Italy when I was a young graphic designer and he was a salesman for a big American company. In less then two years after we first saw each other we got married, left our jobs and families, and moved to California. There is no place like Los Angeles in the whole world, a city with sparkle, always kissed by the sun, and where everything really happens.

We now own a small gourmet chocolate and coffee shop, and spend every day together living the life we always dreamed of.

But life isn’t only rainbows. I have been struggling with a thyroid problem over the past few years, a condition that has affected me emotionally and physically, including the complete loss of my hair. Between that and the daily problems of owning a small business we found ourselves in need of a new approach to life – one that prioritizes healthy foods and the joys of new passions.

Roberto always desired to learn photography since he was a little child but never really had the chance – so now was the time to start. Isn’t America the land of opportunity? He enrolled at Santa Monica College and is about to graduate from their photography department.

It didn’t take to long for Roberto’s passion to infect me to. I received my first DSLR as a gift from my husband and my life shortly became a mix of a full-time job with the finest Belgian chocolate, cooking daily new, easy and healthy recipes and shooting pictures of what I have around me every day, delicious food.

So Food in Pixels is the space where we cultivate passions and health, and having a whole lot of fun!


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  1. Cara Lindina.
    ho letto la tua storia e mi sono commossa…ti auguro molta gioia e divertimento in questa tua nuova avventura…ti sono vicina mammina

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