Oreo Cake Food in Pixels

Oreo Cake Food in Pixels

Most of the time we cook what we photograph so the happiness of a post usually end with a feast, but in this case we just wanted some quality shooting time. We bought this good looking Oreo cake at the supermarket down the street. As soon as we got home we started our usual routine:

  • assembling camera equipment
  • preparing the set and its variations
  • choosing all the possible props

In about 20 minutes all our pre-production was done, we are not always so lucky :-), but today we were ready for the real fun. Sometimes I like to make sketches about the images that I’ll like to obtain, for this session we decided was best just to go with the flow.

We used our big living room window as a single light source, the day was sunny and clear, perfect for our needs. For all these pictures we used foam board, one white as a reflector and two black as blockers. The result of this simple set-up was exactly what I wanted, a sweet and tempting dessert you wish to eat ASAP 🙂

Oreo Cake Food in PixelsOreo Cake Food in PixelsOreo Cake Food in Pixels


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