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Rice and I go back a long way. In Novara, my hometown in Italy, we are famous for and proud of our large rice production. The whole town is surrounded by what we call a checked sea – a sea that is nothing more than rice fields.

So rice has always been a big part of my mom’s home cooking. Growing up I only knew rice to be white. When I found out that brown and black (and all shades in between) are the original colors of rice I was a little surprised – but after tasting them there was no going back. Each kind of rice has its own taste and flavor, its own texture, and is fun to combine with a large variety of dishes. A great combination is rice and lentils – they are both delicious foods, rich in vitamins and nutriments and they are a good base for many recipes. I use them a lot in stews, soups and salads. Stay tuned for upcoming recipes.

Rice and Lentils


Black Lantils


Orange Lentils


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