Purple Cauliflower

Purple Cauliflower

The purple cauliflower is really something I would like to keep as a decoration on my dining table, it makes a beautiful and unusual flower centerpiece.

Growing up I always refused to eat cauliflowers because of the bad smell that they live in the kitchen when you cook them; only when I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease and had to drastically change my diet I discover about all the benefits of cauliflower. It’s a very good vegetable for our body, is rich of vitamins and fibers, a real help for the immune system. So great food for my health and, as a big surprise for me, bad smell doesn’t mean bad taste, is actually very delicious! Now I eat them all the time 🙂

As an interesting fact the most popular cauliflower is white but green, orange and purple are found in nature as well, only a little rear, but in LA everything is available.


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