Pomegranate-1 Food in Pixels

Pomegranate-2 Food in Pixels

Pomegranate season just started, grocery stores and farmers markets have their stand full of them. A beautiful red/pinkish color is unique of this strange fruit. Its juice is contained by each seed, they are fresh and sweet, a pleasure for the taste buds!

Pomegranate are rich of antioxidant and vitamins, is the ideal fruit for the winter season, it keeps you happy and help your immune system. Also it’s ideal for many recipes, from meat dishes to exotic drinks; and it’s use in almost every colture around the world.

We shot this picture with the beautiful light coming in from our living room window. The day are getting shorter so right after lunch is the perfect time for some photography 🙂

Pomegranate-3 Food in Pixels

Check out our recipe with pomegranate: Baby Spinach and Salmon Salad


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