Pineapple-Guacamole-Food in Pixels

Here in SoCal there is never a wrong season for guacamole, but the end of spring is my favorite time because you can find the best avocados. One of our local customer, Randy, live in a nice house in one of the Santa Monica Canyon, he has a beautiful avocado tree in the garden and every year around this time Randy comes to the chocolate shop bearing delicious green gifts. Those are the best avocados I have ever tried and we use them in many dishes: salads, meats or bruschette, like my post Avocado Snack.

Today I was feeling like a classic dip and to personalize it a little bit I added diced pineapple, they give to the guacamole an extra twist of sweetness that gives a great contrast with the lime juice sourness.

Pineapple-Guacamole-Food in Pixels


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