Pecans and Wine

Here we go with another food that is nowhere to be found in Italy! Originally from North America, it is a super popular nut in California. If you enter a bakery and read on a dessert tag the word pecan you already know that it’s going to be a great treat.

Roberto and I are already surrounded by chocolates all day – and we have to do daily quality checks 😉  So outside the shop we avoid sugar altogether – but we don’t give up pecans!

Pecans have a natural buttery taste and like real butter they are rich in fat – but unlike real butter, pecans are a great and necessary source of fat for our bodies and are also ideal for lowering bad cholesterol.

Pecans are a lovable snack; they are crunchy and involve a fun cracking and opening process. They are ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon, sipping a nice glass of red wine while watching a good movie.

Pecans and Wine


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