Life is fascinating. I have the feeling that sometimes life is standing still and all of a sudden everything happen! For us the past six months have been like a roller coaster.


First of all, our son Matteo was born in September. He brought more love and joy to our family. The first months as new parents have been thought. We were exhausted, sleep deprived and learning day by day how to take care of our little one.


It doesn’t matter how tired we were, every time he smiled at us our hearts melted 🙂

We are so grateful to have him!


After that, in November, we sold our beloved chocolate shop. We needed a change, we loved our little shop and all our customers who became friends, but in the past few years we encountered a new passion. Food photography is the passion that we express with this blog, and now is the time to pursue our dream. IMG_6763

We left the chocolate shop in good hands. Alfredo and his family toke over right before Thanksgiving and they are doing great. The customers love them and the joyful and serene atmosphere is still there. We often go for breakfast, we like to meet up with our friends and we need to satisfy our Belgian chocolate and well-roasted coffee addition.

Today food photography is our PROpassion and with Matteo as our CEO in life and at work we are happier than ever.






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