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Yesterday, my big brother got married. First, the closest family members met at the Santa Barbara Court House. Next, we all moved to the wedding room, a small mezzanine with beautiful murals, and a roof made of windows; at 4 pm the lighting was warm and soft. The ceremony was short and simple, with a dash of romance and almost everybody got a little emotional. After that, we walked around the Court House following the bride and groom posing for the photographs (Roberto did all the picture of the day). Then we went to the reception in a beautiful and elegant restaurant on the beach. Many guests joined us at the restaurant and before dinner we had the chance to talk with everybody. The food was absolutely delicious, we had many courses and every bite was a pleasant surprise. After the first course we had time for a walk on the beach and a few more pictures. Lastly, the dinner ended with numerous speeches and toasts. Everybody was happy and full, we had a marvelous day, and I’m really proud of my brother Matias and my sister-in-law Briann.


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– Focaccia Bread with Parmesan Cheese Crust and Fresh Ricotta

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– Backed Ricotta with Besciamella and Sauté Mushrooms

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– Code Filet with Steamed Vegetables

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– Lamb Ribs with White Beans from Spain and Fava Beans

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