Meals on Wheels - Food in Pixels

I would like to end this year with an interesting post about good people leading a helping hand!

Meals on Wheels - Food in PixelsMeals on Wheels - Food in Pixels

On Thanksgiving day Roberto and I had an early start, we drove the Santa Monica freeway, enjoying the sunrise behind the downtown buildings, it was beautiful! Why wake up so early on one of our few day off you may ask, well, we had our good reasons, we meet with Sister Alice Mary at Saint Vincent Hospital were she introduced us to her kitchen and all her 80 angels. Sister Alice founded Meals on Wheels back in 1940 and since than she is helping people around all Los Angeles County, every day they provide food to the people whom otherwise would starve.

We spent 3 hours around the big kitchen; we talked with people from the office and heard stories from the food preparation team. The kitchen is divided in section: cooking, assembling, packing and delivering. Everyone worked really hard, they are very busy and very organize, each one knows their jobs and they do it with a smile on their faces. Sister Alice Mary supervise and motivate her angels, she has a final say on the arrangement of the plates and that day was so happy and proud to be able to garnish the Thanksgiving meals with fresh parsley.

They made us feel welcome with coffee and homemade cookies, In 3 hours they prepared 14.000 meals, all customized depending on people dietary restrictions like diabetes or allergies. We were more than impress to see them working really hard in such a great harmony, it was a wonderful experience for us and we are very happy to put the word out and share this great story.

Meals on Wheels is a great association made of wonderful people. If you want to learn more about them check out their website, they always need an extra hand with volunteering or donations; their only way to make all of this possible is with people help!

If you want to know more about our day please check out our slide-show:


Meals on Wheels - Food in Pixels


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