Linguine with Tomato Sauce

The world of food styling and photography is magical! At the end of March I attended an interesting and fun workshop hosted by Christina Peters and Denise Vivaldo – this was my introduction to food styling and honestly, it’s a whole new adventure. Preparing the perfect dish for the camera is a job that requires a good knowledge of the food, a problem-solving mentality, and being quick on your feet. Denise has an amazing energy and you can see her passion in every plate she styles. Christina is the first professional food photographer that I have met and she has been a great inspiration for me. She is young, modest, and has tons of experience – she is really great at what she does.

This picture is the result of my personal project, styled and shot on day 2 of the workshop. Matching colors and shapes, selecting ideal props to complement the food, and finding the perfect lighting – it finally comes together for this single picture.

I’m curious and excited to move forward with my passion. I’m not sure where I’m going but I’m sure enjoying the ride!

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