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Leak and Potato Soup

I took this picture for a photo contest in my food photography facebook group and I ended up discovering a really good recipe. The contest was about remaking cookbook pictures from the 70s. I spent hours going thought my mom’s old cookbooks, some recipes mede me nostalgic, remembering the fun times in the kitchen as a little girls. The pictures were the fun part, food photography changed so much. Style, composition and lighting, everything is different.





Original Picture, from

“I Jolli della buona cucina”

Italian cookbook

published in 1973

​Here I picked a simple recipe, leak and potato soup, ideal for a winter family dinner. I started this project by updating the picture, but in the way I updated the recipe too. I left a few pieces of vegetable in it to increase texture. I substitute cream with plain greek yogurt and add parsley for a freshest taste πŸ™‚ 

Zuppa Soup Food Photography Fotografia Cibo Rosalinda Masucci Roberto Zucchi Milan Milano

Ahh, and let’s not forget the croutons crispy and delicious in a creamy soup!

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