Italy Art LA Food in Pixels

Today we are starting a new culinary project. Weโ€™ll be going around Los Angeles visiting the best Italian restaurants. Italy art LA is a smart phone app created by Alessandro Marianantoni (of Mediars Entertainment and sponsored by the Italian Cultural Institute. We are going to meet six different chefs and culinary artists, each one o them will bring their unic point of view to the table, a panorama of Italian culture and tradition with a personal touch.

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Since we moved here people have been asking us for Italian restaurant recommendations. Which one is your favorite? Where can I find the best pizza? Are they authentic? And so on. Unfortunately we didnโ€™t have the answer for any of this question. First of all we love to cook, spending time in our kitchen preparing delicious Italian meals is one of our favorite thing to do, and moreover, been in a new country for the first time we wanted to try new cuisines and experience new food. But now itโ€™s been almost six years since we move, we are a little home sick and we are more than ready to navigate the Italian culture around Los Angeles. Follow us in the next few weeks to discover a full report of the best Italian restaurants, and a wonderful recipe from each one of the chefs.

Be sure to download the app:ย

Italy Art LA Food in Pixels


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