Hamburger Food in Pixels

When we think of American food this is the first thing that pop in to our minds, a tall and juicy hamburger with crispy fries! Roberto and I had a wonderful time with this photo session.

I started building the set, I wanted to create a clear and clean mood, a background who would make the food pop out of the picture J. In the meantime Roberto was busy in the kitchen cooking the patty to perfection and studying a sauce that complimented the dish without overpowering the other flavors. He came up with a blend of mayo, ketchup and Tabasco. Simple but ideal!

When we finally place the burger on the little bamboo plate, one layer at the time, and we opened the window, the light just fell perfectly on the plate. I played around with a few light modifier and soon enough we rich what we were looking for. After the first shot we tried an alternative background, a darker one, burgundy and wood brown.

We like the experimenting part of the shooting, we always start with an idea and we never know how the final shot is going to be, that is the fun of the process!

Hamburger Food in Pixels

Hamburger-13 Food in Pixels


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