An amazing chapter of our lives just ended. A few weeks ago we saied goodbye to our beloved Los Angeles and we move back to Italy. Our experience in America have been wonderful, I left Italy as a young 25 year old lady, with very little idea of where my life was headed.

Now I’m coming back as a wife, a mother and with a new career in food photography! I’m really thankful for this experience.
Los Angeles is a great city. It’s full of art and entertainment. Every weekend you can discover a new gallery and enjoying a new performance. A place where you rarely get bored.
We met so many wonderful people who we are going to miss deeply. Every friendship we did give us something and made us the people we are today.
We are happy to go back home and start a new adventure! For now the future is unknown but stay tuned because our next post will be from our farm in northern Italy 🙂
Richard Bennett

Goodbye to the Bennett Family!


Goodbye to Randy and his crew!


Goodbye to Jasmine, our former employee at the chocolate shop!


Goodbye Devo, our American/Italian friend!


Goodbye to Sami and Monique!


Goodbye Stephanie and Berton!


Goodbye to Leticia and her wonderful family!


Thanks everybody, you’ll be missed! And thanks Los Angeles, you will always be in our hearts 🙂


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