Foodie Shares is the new mobile device app build around food lovers. This service is composed by 2 party: the first one is a professional chef preparing an homemade dish and offering on the app; the second one is a consumer who has the taste for quality that select unique food creations and get them delivered to his door. The interesting part of this service is that create a direct connection between the customer and the chef. You can make requests, ask questions and express your opinions. If I have stimulated your curiosity check it out:

Download di app (FOR FREE)

And use the code FOODINPIXELS to get an immediate 50% discount on your order 🙂

Foodie Shares Food in Pixels

The other week Roberto and I were invited to Foodie Shares’ first event. The invite said something like: “roof top gourmet dinner”, with this line they got our attention right away, we cancelled our previous plans and we prepared ourselves for a foodie experience! We arrived at the event around 6:30pm, the place was nice, on top of a tall building near the ocean. As first thing they introduced the app and the people involved in it. We also got the chance to talk with them personally during the evening, hearing the real story about this project, and feeling their passion for food. After that, the food arrived. They served 6 different dishes, a nice variety from meatballs to chocolate dessert. Each plate was unique, a bland of flavors and cultures.


Foodie Shares is a wonderful idea. We love homemade cooking and we wish it could be the only food we eat, but with work and everything going on sometimes there is just not enough time to make it all. This new service gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite high quality homemade food eve when you are busy taking care of like.

So, if you are hungry, and you live in the west side of Los Angeles, give it a try because it’s delicious and you will not be disappointed.

Download di app (FOR FREE)

And use the code FOODINPIXELS to get an immediate 50% discount on your order 🙂




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