Dolce-Varese-6 Food in Pixels

Dolce-Varese-1 Food in Pixels Varese is a small town in the very north of Italy, is 30 minutes driving west of Como, but most important is Roberto’s hometown. The “Dolce Varese” is an old tradition, can be found in every bakery or Café around town and Roberto grew up eating it. It’s also known as Amore Polenta because its main ingredient is cornmeal, the particularity of this cake is its special ridged loaf pan specially designed for it. We love to have this for breakfast with a good espresso and we always end up fighting over it because we never have enough. Dolce Varese, a sweet delight! Dolce-Varese-2 Food in Pixels Dolce-Varese-3 Food in Pixels

Dolce-Varese-6 Food in Pixels

Dolce-Varese-5 Food in Pixels


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  1. I am looking to purchase Dolce Varese cake. I was in Milan one week ago and my cousin gave me this cake to take home. I LOVE it !! Can I purchase it from you and have it sent to me in the US?

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Sorry for the late replay.
      You may contact almost any Pasticceria and ask if they ship.
      Try our recipe instead 😉

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