It has definitely been an adventure!

Food in Pixels 1st year

Only a year ago I was experimenting with food photography for the first time, Roberto spent days teaching me all the camera settings.

Only a year ago I was opening wordpress for the first time; at the beginning was a mess! I almost gave up more than ones 🙂

Only a year ago I was developing my cooking, trying to get out of my comfort zone and figuring out how to write a recipe, measuring everything is harder than I tough!

Only a year ago I was learning how to present a plate, I didn’t know that we start eating with our eyes.

In only a year so much has happened!

Roberto graduate in photography from Santa Monica College, I attended as many related classes and workshops as possible. We cooked many new recipes, having fun and creating a big chaos in our kitchen 🙂

We tried a variety of new cousins and restaurants. Everything made us grow so much in this project we truly love and we are impatient for more, for the next experiment dish and an image who is always a little bit better!

Best of all, we have a baby on the way and today Food in Pixels is not only our hobby but also a family dream for a better future!


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