Mochetta, Olives and pate

Mochetta, Olives and pate

After a long day of work, whether good or bad, we like to take a break to let everything go and just have a good time, and this is why in Italy we have an aperitif.

Roberto and I are together all day; but sometimes when we are enjoying our aperitif after work we realize that we haven’t really talked to each other or enjoyed a special moment just for us.

So this is when we sip a glass of wine, laughing and chatting – and of course the best part is the food. Traditionally, for us, a deli product is something that can’t be missing and here I’m happy to present to you Mocetta, one of my latest favorites. It’s an air-cured beef, very well seasoned and with a unique taste. It goes great with arugula and shredded Parmesan cheese – but here I opted for a simpler olive pâté accompanied with a whole grain sesame cracker.

My wine choice in this case is a Sauvignon Blanc but it can be a light red, perhaps a Pinot Noir.

Aperitif time is very easy; you just need a few ingredients and a big smile.



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