Eggs-day30- Food in Pixels

A 30 days Food Photography challenge has been the perfect way to spent my summer. I was scared at the beginning because as you all know life is very busy and adding a daily shooting session I knew it would would have been hard, but then I thought that if you are not willing to push yourself farther you’ll never get better! So I prepared my shooting table and I signed up for the challenge!

As subject for my 30 days I picked eggs and it was a lot of fun. Every day I was focusing on a different aspect of food photography, rather then a new recipe (as I usually do in my regular blogging life).
Composition and story telling were my main goals and I have to say that I fell a little bit more confident on those two topics, but please scroll trough my pictures and tell me what you think. I love honest feedback ūüôā
I’ll keep work on all this assignment because al Neel (the workshop instructor) seas: taking action is the only way to improve in photography.

Camera Angles

Eggs-day3- Food in Pixels

Depth of Field

Eggs-day4- Food in Pixels

Story Telling


Different light sources


 Modifying the light

Eggs-day10- Food in Pixels

White Balance

Eggs-day11- Food in Pixels

Finding the right Background

Eggs-day12- Food in Pixels

 The use of napkins

Eggs-day15- Food in Pixels

How to select the perfect plate

Eggs-day16- Food in Pixels

Composing the space creatively 

Eggs-day17- Food in Pixels

Studying the shot in pre-production with sketches and lists

Eggs-day22- Food in Pixels

Manage the space and add text

Eggs-day15- Food in Pixels

 Working the white balance in post-production

Eggs-day29- Food in Pixels

Putting it all together

Eggs-day30- Food in Pixels

Thanks to Neel and Learn Food Photography blog for giving me this amazing opportunity, your blog is fantastic and a great resource. Thanks to all the other challengers, it was a great to virtually meet you, your support and suggestions have been of great help.

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