Fried Zucchini Blossom

The summer flew by even faster than usual; I heard that it’s what happen when having a good time. I just got back from my ten days Italian vacation and for that I have to thank my husband Roberto, who stayed here in LA to run the chocolate shop all by himself. My parents have […]

Stuffed-Zucchini-3 Food in Pixels

Stuffed Zucchini

It all started the other morning when our friend Catherine (she has an office right upstairs from our chocolate shop), surprised us with fresh herbs from her garden. I’m an herbs enthusiast and I use them to cook everything. This week was stuffed zucchini time and the herb gives a unique personality to the dish. […]

Portobello Mushroom Pizza

I love, love, love pizza, but since a few years refined grains and gluten in general are no longer part of my daily diet. Do you think I gave up my beloved pizza, no way, or better I indulge with real pizza very rarely and the rest of the times when I have a pizza […]

Oven-Roasted-Tomatoes-Food in Pixels

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Italy has one of the biggest productions of tomatoes and Italians are the biggest consumer of it. We literally love them and we created so many recipes with it that tomatoes can be part of every meal, and for all of this we have to thank America. Thankfully tomatoes grow well in each part of […]

Baked Artichoke

I could feel the smell of artichokes from the garage and I knew that my grandpa made us dinner, it was one of his signature winter dish. I grew up in a big house, three apartment (my grandparents, my ant and uncle and us) and a big community area. I have to admit it has always […]