Celebrating 1 Year of Blogging!

It has definitely been an adventure! Only a year ago I was experimenting with food photography for the first time, Roberto spent days teaching me all the camera settings. Only a year ago I was opening wordpress for the first time; at the beginning was a mess! I almost gave up more than ones 🙂 […]

Oreo Cake Food in Pixels

The Oreo Cake

Most of the time we cook what we photograph so the happiness of a post usually end with a feast, but in this case we just wanted some quality shooting time. We bought this good looking Oreo cake at the supermarket down the street. As soon as we got home we started our usual routine: […]

Meals on Wheels - Food in Pixels

Meals on Wheels

I would like to end this year with an interesting post about good people leading a helping hand! On Thanksgiving day Roberto and I had an early start, we drove the Santa Monica freeway, enjoying the sunrise behind the downtown buildings, it was beautiful! Why wake up so early on one of our few day […]

Potatoes Food in Pixels

Sage Roasted Potatoes

The side that goes well with pretty much everything. We love potatoes in every way 🙂 Today we propose an easy recipe of sage roasted potatoes, they are crispy and fanciful, we enriched the plate with mushrooms, garlic cloves and exquisite sage leafs. Potatoes are rich of vitamins, especially in the skin, and this is […]

Pomegranate-1 Food in Pixels


Pomegranate season just started, grocery stores and farmers markets have their stand full of them. A beautiful red/pinkish color is unique of this strange fruit. Its juice is contained by each seed, they are fresh and sweet, a pleasure for the taste buds! Pomegranate are rich of antioxidant and vitamins, is the ideal fruit for […]

CocoaTruffle-2 Food in Pixels

Cocoa Truffle

A ball of dark chocolate pleasure! This chocolate piece is call truffle for its round shape, resembling the real truffle. The center is  a silky smooth filling made only from the best 72% dark cocoa. Each center is hand wrapped in rich solid dark chocolate and for a perfect finish the truffles are rolled in […]

Food in Pixels Team Photography Photographer Rosalinda Masucci Roberto Zucchi Los Angeles Milan

Food in Pixels Team

Hi guys! I’m attending a photo class at Santa Monica College and as final assignment I was asked to produce a self portrait, but not a selfy to post on the social media, an actual nice staged portrait that communicate something about myself. I had this idea of taking a good picture of us since […]


We live in a nice little apartment on the west side of LA, just a few blocks away from the chocolate shop, the perfect distance for a nice little walk after a long day of work. Recently the weather has been very warm, during the day we do not notice it as much because we […]