Mochetta, Olives and pate

It’s Aperitif Time

After a long day of work, whether good or bad, we like to take a break to let everything go and just have a good time, and this is why in Italy we have an aperitif. Roberto and I are together all day; but sometimes when we are enjoying our aperitif after work we realize […]

Carrots and Zucchini

Carrots and Zucchini: Bake it on!

Carrots and zucchini are like trump cards for recipes. They are tasty and healthy and I always try to have them in the refrigerator because they can embellish whatever dish you are making, like pasta or a soufflé, or serve as a side for meat or fish.

Avocado Snack

Avocado Snack

My grandfather was a big fan of little snacks like this. Oh, wait a second! Not exactly like this one because in Italy we didn’t have avocados until a few years ago and even the ones you can find now are nothing like the ones I have eaten here – soft, fresh and heavenly creamy.

Mandarin Jam

Mandarins in January

A small and sweet fruit, it originally came from Southern China, which explains its name, like the language spoken in that area. Today mandarins are found around the world. They are a winter fruit but prefer warm-weather regions like California. January is when mandarins are at their best. With a deep orange color and juicy […]

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Who we are!

Hi! I’m Linda and this is the beginning of a new adventure that I share with my husband Roberto. We met in Italy when I was a young graphic designer and he was a salesman for a big American company. In less then two years after we first saw each other we got married, left […]