CocoaTruffle-2 Food in Pixels

Cocoa Truffle

A ball of dark chocolate pleasure! This chocolate piece is call truffle for its round shape, resembling the real truffle. The center is  a silky smooth filling made only from the best 72% dark cocoa. Each center is hand wrapped in rich solid dark chocolate and for a perfect finish the truffles are rolled in […]

BabyScallops-3 Food in Pixels

Brown Butter and Cornmeal Baby Scallops over Rice

November is shining in California! The temperature is cooling down a little but the sun never leave us. Work at the chocolate shop is getting busy and we are very happy so dinner need to get easier 🙂 This is a great recipe, it has only 5 ingredients, it’s very simple to prepare and it […]

Mushroom&Ricotta quiche-3 Food in pixels

Ricotta and Mushroom Quiche

Mushroom are a very interesting ingredient, there are many variety and a tons of uses for each of them. It’s also one of those things highly appreciated in my family, and my dad in specific has a true passion for them. He has a team of friends which whom he goes mushroom picking when the […]

Vin Brule Food in Pixels

Vin Brule´

Halloween is the absolute perfect day to start the Vin Brule´ season. This hot spiced wine is very typical in the North of Italy, we grew up really closed to the Alps and on a skiing Sunday Vin Brule´ is a must! I really suffer the cold weather, it happened to me more than ones […]

Food in Pixels Team Photography Photographer Rosalinda Masucci Roberto Zucchi Los Angeles Milan

Food in Pixels Team

Hi guys! I’m attending a photo class at Santa Monica College and as final assignment I was asked to produce a self portrait, but not a selfy to post on the social media, an actual nice staged portrait that communicate something about myself. I had this idea of taking a good picture of us since […]

Pumpkin-Soup-Mini Food in Pixels

Easy and Delicious Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkins season is here, and we love them, we like to buy a lot of the little ones to decorate the entire apartment, they bring joy in the air and they make us smile every time I look at them 🙂 ! Baby pumpkins are not only cheerful and good looking but also a great […]

Bruschetta-Mini Food in Pixels

Cream Cheese and Tomato Salad Bruschetta

Bruschetta is an Italian classic, there are so many different recipes is impossible to count them, I can come up with so many variations I can fill a full blog with them. Roberto and I really love them, we often prepare them as a snack in between customer at the chocolate shop; sometimes the store […]

Handmade-cicatelli-1 Food in Pixels

Homemade Cicatelli Pasta

  Here we go with the last post from my Italian vacation of last August. The day before I left we decided to make Grandma Rosa signature pasta, it’s called Cicatelli and is made only with organic flour, lukewarm water and a pinch of salt. So simple and so delicious! She has been making this […]

Eggs-day30- Food in Pixels

30 Days to Better Food Photos

A 30 days Food Photography challenge has been the perfect way to spent my summer. I was scared at the beginning because as you all know life is very busy and adding a daily shooting session I knew it would would have been hard, but then I thought that if you are not willing to […]

Homemade-Jam-Food in Pixels

No Sugar Jam

It was my first time ever making homemade jam. My dad went to the fruit garden and picked a lot of apples and plums, when you don’t use any pesticide is always a race between you and other animals for who get the fruit first. It is a little bit of a pain but honestly […]

PizzaParty- Food in Pixels

Pizza Party, The Italian Way!

A few things you should know about my family are that we like to: cook, eat, drink, laugh and spend time together. So when I was there we decided to have a little getting together on Sunday and one thing lead to another we ended up trowing a pizza party for almost 80 people, yes, […]

Fried Zucchini Blossom

The summer flew by even faster than usual; I heard that it’s what happen when having a good time. I just got back from my ten days Italian vacation and for that I have to thank my husband Roberto, who stayed here in LA to run the chocolate shop all by himself. My parents have […]