Heirloom Bruschetta Food in Pixels

Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta

I grew up eating bread and tomato as afternoon snack. My paternal grandfather owned a vegetable garden at the edge of my hometown. He died when I was very young so I don’t have many memories of him but summer spent eating Italian Ciabatta and fresh tomatoes straight from the plant is one of them. […]

Celebrating 1 Year of Blogging!

It has definitely been an adventure! Only a year ago I was experimenting with food photography for the first time, Roberto spent days teaching me all the camera settings. Only a year ago I was opening wordpress for the first time; at the beginning was a mess! I almost gave up more than ones 🙂 […]

Waffle Food in Pixels

All About Waffles

Strange but true four years ago I had no idea what a waffle was and much less what it tasted like. Today I’m an expert about them and that is because exactly four years ago Roberto came up with this idea of adding waffles to our Belgian Chocolate Boutique. In order to sell waffles we […]

Oreo Cake Food in Pixels

The Oreo Cake

Most of the time we cook what we photograph so the happiness of a post usually end with a feast, but in this case we just wanted some quality shooting time. We bought this good looking Oreo cake at the supermarket down the street. As soon as we got home we started our usual routine: […]

Pesto Steak Food in Pixels

Grilled Steak over Basil Pesto

Our style of cooking is very traditional but when we have guests we always try to offer something a little bit different from our usual everyday menu. Saturday night my brother and his fiancé where coming over for dinner, on Saturday we always have limited time for cooking because we work at the chocolate shop […]

PestoGnocchi-1 Food in Pixels

Pesto Gnocchi

A soft little ball of potatoes! Gnocchi is a really popular Italian dish and it has been possible only after America was discovered and potatoes were imported to Europe. Before that there was already something similar, a piece of dough in a round shape, but the recipe reached its perfection with the use of potatoes. […]

Spaghetti al Pomodoro-2 Food in Pixels

Spaghetti al Pomodoro

An Italian classic, growing up I had them all the time. My mom has always been a big worker and making spaghetti al pomodoro was fast, easy and a guarantee success with the tree of us. We use to harvest the tomatoes around the end of July and make enough sauce for the all year. […]

Roasted-Pear-2 Food in Pixels

Roasted Pear and Rosemary on Puff Pastry

About a year ago Roberto and I discovered Donna Hay Magazine. Every issue is a big source of inspiration for us. Always providing new ideas and ingredients for our kitchen. This Roasted Pear and Rosemary on Puff Pastry recipe come directly from the magazine, we hope you’ll enjoy it and check out the website www.donnahay.com.au We […]

Meals on Wheels - Food in Pixels

Meals on Wheels

I would like to end this year with an interesting post about good people leading a helping hand! On Thanksgiving day Roberto and I had an early start, we drove the Santa Monica freeway, enjoying the sunrise behind the downtown buildings, it was beautiful! Why wake up so early on one of our few day […]

Hamburger Food in Pixels

Hamburger with Crispy Fries

When we think of American food this is the first thing that pop in to our minds, a tall and juicy hamburger with crispy fries! Roberto and I had a wonderful time with this photo session. I started building the set, I wanted to create a clear and clean mood, a background who would make […]

Potatoes Food in Pixels

Sage Roasted Potatoes

The side that goes well with pretty much everything. We love potatoes in every way 🙂 Today we propose an easy recipe of sage roasted potatoes, they are crispy and fanciful, we enriched the plate with mushrooms, garlic cloves and exquisite sage leafs. Potatoes are rich of vitamins, especially in the skin, and this is […]

Pomegranate-1 Food in Pixels


Pomegranate season just started, grocery stores and farmers markets have their stand full of them. A beautiful red/pinkish color is unique of this strange fruit. Its juice is contained by each seed, they are fresh and sweet, a pleasure for the taste buds! Pomegranate are rich of antioxidant and vitamins, is the ideal fruit for […]