Il Fico Pizzeria Food in Pixels Photography

Pizzeria Il Fico

A few weeks ago we met Giuseppe Gentile, a young Italian Chef based in Los Angeles. He is the commander in chief in the kitchen at Pizzeria Il Fico. He prepared for us a very interesting dish: a hand-made pasta with mussels and eggplants.   For the pasta Giuseppe used a particular grain called “Grano […]

Via Alloro Restaurant Food in Pixels Photography

Via Alloro Restaurant

Today we visited Via Alloro Restaurant and we met the chef Tanino Drago. The restaurant is located in the heart of Beverly Hills; it’s really big and beautiful. It has a big and bright main dining room, a large outside sitting area and also private dining rooms. Chef Tanino owns this place, and few more, […]

Angelini Osteria Food in Pixels Photography

Angelini Osteria

Angelini Osteria is a hidden jam. The restaurant is located at 7313 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles. The place is small, with one window in the front and a few tables outside. We arrived in the early afternoon and we felt right away a European atmosphere. Most of the staff is Italian or speak the language, […]

Italy Art LA Food in Pixels

Italy Art LA

Today we are starting a new culinary project. We’ll be going around Los Angeles visiting the best Italian restaurants. Italy art LA is a smart phone app created by Alessandro Marianantoni (of Mediars Entertainment and sponsored by the Italian Cultural Institute. We are going to meet six different chefs and culinary artists, each one […]

Cantaloupe Melon Food in Pixels Photography

Cantaloupe Melon

After the new lights, new backgrounds have been made. Last week Roberto made some major work in our storage room in the back of our chocolate shop. The job was long and hard, but now it’s a perfectly organized space. From all the moving Roberto was able to save a few wooden boards so he […]

Green Cauliflower Food in Pixels Photography

Green Cauliflower

I have been experimenting with new LED lights. My kit is composed by 3 lights (on their stand), 2 soft-box, and few light modifiers. The lights are fully customizable, they have adjustable intensity and color gradient (from cold blue to warm yellow). I set up an easy arrangement so I could concentrate and play with […]

Rainbow Chard Food in Pixels Photography

Rainbow Chard

We were in need of a new source of light for our work. Natural light is wonderful because it’s easy to use and always make my food look great. Unfortunately window light is not available all the time. To free ourselves from time of the day and location we decide to invest in some artificial […]

Foodie Shares

Foodie Shares is the new mobile device app build around food lovers. This service is composed by 2 party: the first one is a professional chef preparing an homemade dish and offering on the app; the second one is a consumer who has the taste for quality that select unique food creations and get them […]

My Big Brother’s Wedding

      Yesterday, my big brother got married. First, the closest family members met at the Santa Barbara Court House. Next, we all moved to the wedding room, a small mezzanine with beautiful murals, and a roof made of windows; at 4 pm the lighting was warm and soft. The ceremony was short and […]

Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich Food in Pixels

Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich

Can you believe there is a full month dedicated to grilled cheese? Yes, and April is it :-)! We decided to honor it with a delicious and malty grilled three-cheese sandwich, a great American classic! There is nobody who doesn’t like a well made cheese sandwich, first of all because it taste really good, and second […]

French Toast Food in Pixels

French Toast

We hear all the time people talking about French toast, how good, how fluffy and delicious they are. In the end all this talking made us curious, so last Sunday we decided to give it a try 🙂 As usual me the first thing I like to do when approaching a new recipes is to […]

Pork Chop Food in Pixels

Pork Chop Easy Dinner

We think that simple food is the best! First of all we try to avoid completely all processed food, and trust me it’s hard because we are surrounded by it. The easiest way to do it is to avoid all the food that comes in a package; not always possible but we try our best! […]